State Licenses

State License Number License Type Regulated Text Disclosures
Alabama 21964 Consumer Credit License
Arizona 1001252 Mortgage Banker License
Arkansas 116559 Mortgage Banker
Arkansas 116559 Mortgage Broker
California 41DBO-97723 Residential Mortgage Lending Act License
Colorado 75164 Mortgage Company Registration
Connecticut ML-75164 Mortgage Lender License
Delaware 012729 Licensed Lender
District of Columbia MLB75164 Mortgage Dual Authority License
Florida MLD1569 Mortgage Lender
Georgia 43970 Mortgage Lender License
Illinois MB.6761402 Residential Mortgage License (Originating Activity)
Indiana 33703 First Lien Mortgage Lending License
Indiana 33703 Mortgage Lender's License
Kansas MC.0025568 Mortgage Company License
Kentucky MC700930 Mortgage Company License
Louisiana 75164 Residential Mortgage Lending License
Maine 75164 Supervised Lender
Maryland 20857 Mortgage Lender License
Massachusetts ML75164 Mortgage Lender
Michigan FR0020864 First Mortgage Lender License/Registrant
Michigan FR0020864 First Mortgage Broker License/Registrant
Minnesota MN-MO-75164 Residential Mortgage Originator License
Mississippi 75164 Mortgage Lender
Missouri 19-2439 Mortgage Broker
Montana 75164 Mortgage Lender
Nebraska 75164 Mortgage Bankers
New Hampshire 23085-MB Mortgage Banker
New Jersey 75164 Residential Mortgage Lender License
North Carolina L-138683 Mortgage Lender
North Dakota MB103458 Money Broker License
Ohio RM.804424.000 RMLA Certificate of Registration
Oklahoma ML012317 Mortgage Lender
Oregon ML-5816 Mortgage Lender
Pennsylvania 43115 Mortgage Lender License
Rhode Island 20193749LL Lender License
South Carolina MLS - 75164 Mortgage Lender
South Dakota ML.05239 Mortgage Lender License
Tennessee 122071 Mortgage License
Texas 75164 Mortgage Banker Registration
Virginia MC-5754 Mortgage Lender
Washington CL-75164 Consumer Loan License
West Virginia ML-32732 Mortgage Lender License
Wisconsin 75164BA Mortgage Banker License
Wisconsin 75164BR Mortgage Broker License
Wyoming 3442 Mortgage Lender/Broker License